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Love life. Pamper yourself. Smile always.

I am so excited to start my blog. I loved to write as a little girl and have been wanting to start one for the longest time. I recently had a friend tell me that we should just stop stalling or procrastinating and just jump in with both feet. Just do it! Do the thing that you dread the most. Do the thing you want the most. Do the thing that calls to your heart the most.

Well, that’s what I am doing now.

How am I different than the other bloggers?

I don’t know how I would be different. I just know that I am going to write what is dear to my heart and share how I am currently changing the lens through which I see life. I just want to write honestly and keep improving my writing. I appreciate all suggestions, advice, constructive criticism and requests for topics to touch upon.

Love life. But you ask- how when the going gets so tough you feel you were hit by a semi?

I understand how life can be depressing, frustrating, disappointing and confusing at times. It is horrible and it drains them of their quality of life. But I want to tell you that no matter what you go through, that you will get through it. The end of the tunnel has a light and sometimes our path takes longer to get there. Don’t despair. Hold onto the hope. Love yourself and your life no matter what it is doing. Don’t think that life is doing this to you. You are living YOUR life. You get to choose. You get to decide whether to face every single day happy or not, energized or not, loving or not. There is so much to love in life. So love your life and the lives of those around you. Family, friends, co-workers, mentors, neighbours and strangers alike.

Pamper yourself. Both body and mind.

In this day and age of rapidly changing social circles and technology we forget to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. I remember that when I started to work full time- which meant anything from 4 to 21 days straight- I was always so tired. I kept working because when I had a day off then I would have the worst migraine or just be sick because I think my body just gave way. It was screaming to be given some rest, some love, some pampering. I started to try not to schedule anything on my days off except maybe a dinner with one of my girlfriends or a yoga class. I loved walking down Granville St or in Kitsilano zipping through the little boutiques and buying little trinkets and whimsical things to treat myself. A little cupcake can go a long way.

Smile always. Smile inside and it will come naturally.

Smile inside. I find that when facing a difficult situation or something stressful, I try to imagine something beautiful, something I love, something that is completely unstressful and it brings a smile and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and soon I find myself smiling too. I hope you can. When you smile, it brightens up your day and your life. It soothes your soul and your mood. Plus, it reduces wrinkles and aging of your face so why not?

Enjoy my blogging and bantering on!




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