Touring your friends in Vancouver

What do you do if you have a few hours layover in Vancouver or a friend of yours is visiting this beautiful town, but you have only a few hours or an evening with them? Here’s a 4 hours tour of the beautiful city we all love. We will travel as if we are coming from the airport.

First stop: Queen Elizabeth park. This is the place to see the beautiful landscape that is Vancouver. There is a reason why there are height restrictions so that we can still see the snow-capped mountain peaks from this little hill. However, over time, there are some buildings that are testing that height restriction. This lovely park has many sections to explore and a zip-line in the middle of it as well.


Second stop: Food- please introduce your friend to some yummy food. I would recommend Zakkushi for Japanese izakaya, Sushi Mania for sushi or Toshi if you are there for the opening or are just 2 people and have time to wait, Burgoo for Irish fusion food, Glouchester for HK food, The Reef for Caribbean delicacies or the Locus for a real pub experience. Once their bellies have been satisfied with our amazing food. We can continue.

Third stop: Take a small stroll on Main St and have an iced London Fog ( Vancouver special) and explore between 30th and Broadway if you have time. If not, then drive through it. Head straight towards Chinatown.


Fourth stop: Chinatown. This is an ancient and cultured part of town. There are parts that are very old, but this is what I love about it. You will experience one of the oldest Chinatowns in North America.


Fifth stop: Gastown. Bypass E Hastings and go down Cordova. Visit the European part of our city with its own cobblestone steps and hipster and up-and-coming restaurants, pubs, clubs and artists. Don’t forget to have a little patio snack on Water St Cafe or dinner at L’Abbatoir, one of the best places in town.


Sixth stop: Round into Coal Harbour area with the Six flags and the beautiful water. This is what Canada is known for. Visit the digital orca, the Olympic flames and take a walk along the seawall.

Seventh stop: Drive into Stanley park. This is the little dot of green that you see from the plane. It is an epitome of nature. The best way to experience it is either rollerblading, running or biking around Stanley park. Take a walk through the trails and visit English Bay.

Optional: walk on Robson and get some matcha soft serve or chocolate crepe and some shopping done;)


Eight stop: Granville island. This beautiful little island is farmers market meets raw artistic talent sprinkled with little town charm on the edge of the water. You will want to spend all day here in the market tasting everything and visiting the little boutiques and artists’ workshops.


Ninth stop: Kits and the beaches. Come take a stroll in the sun and sit by the seaside with your iced matcha latte or London fog and see why everyone wants to move here despite the ridiculous real estate. You’ll fall in love. Warning: you might want to move here.


Tenth stop: Depending on time you could visit Gastown or Yaletown at night time to check out the pub and food scene, go see the night view on QE or catch late night food at Jang mo jib in downtown, Chinese food in Richmond or check out a room in the Fairmont.

Hope you have a great time here! Have lots of fun! Bring an empty stomach, fully charged phone and good walking shoes. Beware: anyone who spends any extended time here will want to move here and stay here.


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next week’s extended tour outside of Vancouver.



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