Sunshine Coast 

Vancouver is a beautiful city and one that many people want to live in or have close access to. However, it is the beautiful mountains and islands around Vancouver that contains the true beauty and charm of this city. Take a drive out to Steveston or Deep Cove or a ferry to Bowen island. One of the first places I got to visit was the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast is a little land of true small town charm full of seaside treasures and serenity. It is the place to go to retire to, get married, have a true escape or to see the world’s beauty when you are losing hope. Come visit it for a week or even a day and you will always hear the waves calling you.

I love the beautiful seaside and strolling on the beach. Gibsons and Sechelt has everything you want for a quaint little seaside visit.

Don’t forget to try their muffins and pastries at the Black Bean Cafe in Gibsons.

You’ll be forgetting something if you didn’t have some delicious seafood and amazing mango flamé. The food is actually quite divine even if we are far away from the city.

The fish n chips are a must and so keep room in your tummy for it.

I always make a point to do some stand up paddle boarding and maybe if you’re lucky then the seals will come by.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next week’s travel review on Horseshoe Bay, west van and Deep Cove.

Head on over here for a true little town get-away on the shores. 



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  1. Craig Perez says:

    Very nice pictures

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    1. Thanks so much Craig !


  2. Craig Perez says:

    i get mine from pretty good site

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    1. Are you talking about your photos? I use only mine;)


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