How to stay happy

How did you pass your weekend? I was volunteering in Kamloops for the Special Olympics event. It was amazing to see all the athletes with special needs play their sports and get good services. It is really enlightening to see how loved ones and strangers can band together to provide a loving community for an individual. It reminds you of the true human nature amidst all the chaos and terror in this world. Unfortunately, I had to also witness natural disaster and its aftermath on our fellow human beings. The wildfire in Ashcroft and Cache Creek devastated the villages and they were both evacuated to Kamloops. It was heartbreaking to see people coming into town in droves because they just lost their home, their hope and their routine life. A couple walked in looking in shock and it just made my chest hurt so much.

I know some of us are going through the blues or sadness, but there is so much in the world for us to be happy. We ask ourselves each and every day how to stay happy. We are always looking for ways to sustain this happiness. Here’s my rough draft so far.

What you can change to stay happy right now:

  1. Smile even if you don’t feel it. Your body can trick your mind. Body over mind sometimes can work.
  2. Fake it till you make it. I think this is true.
  3. Eat happy foods like almonds, dark chocolate, goji and red dates tea, matcha tea, teaspoon of honey, orange juice, yellow kiwi, avocado and jasmine rice. These are my favorite happy foods. What are yours?
  4. Exercise! Yoga, dance, hiking, walking, pilates and bootcamp are my go-to.
  5. Stretching. This is not the same as your cardio or strengthening exercises. This is to stretch out all the tight spots and the kinks that we have for doing a desk job or being sedentary because of all the devices we operate. Even 5-10 minutes nightly will change your mood.

How to change our mindset to stay happy and build your happiness project:

  1. Do one kind thing a day for a fellow human being, be it a friend or stranger. I saw many people from Ashcroft and Cache Creek coming together to help their pets have water, food and shelter. The nearby university was offering beds to the evacuees. Everyone was coming together in Kamloops to help their neighboring towns. Don’t underestimate the kindness you have within.
  2. Be grateful for what you have. Be thankful. This isn’t to think of how you are in a better situation than someone undergoing any harshness. This is just simply being thankful for what you have and have accomplished. I find it is helpful to think of five things I am grateful for. I am grateful for the work I am able to do, the car I get to drive, the delicious meal I was able to share with some of my favorite people in the world, the awesome anime I get to watch on Netflix and the beautiful sunshine we had today. What are you grateful for this very moment without being too deep?
  3. Try to remain calm and take things slow. Sometimes if we rush too much in life then we really don’t have time to stop and smell the flowers and instead come to a dead end stop and wonder what all that rush and race was for. Even if you are in a rush, try to slow down a bit because that is when we forget our lunch on the counter, your friend’s gift you were going to see after work or your work out clothes. I know it has happened to me.
  4. Give yourself more time. Whether that is more time to get to a meeting, to chew your food, to drink your tea or take a bath, give yourself time and indulge yourself. Your body and mind is your own sacred temple. If you cannot fulfill your own physical and mental health, then you are no good to anyone either.
  5. Set a goal. There is no need to think about your big intention in life and all your future dreams. Set one goal that you can attain in a week, a month and a year. Thinking too far can sometimes make us feel a lot of pressure. If you set a goal with a friend, then this will help you acheive it.

Quick fix to happiness:

  1. Use a handmade, natural soap. The smell in the shower is just lovely.
  2. Go play with some fluffy, cute animals. It brings you pure joy.
  3. Light a candle, take a bath, eat some chocolate, play soft music and read a book.
  4. Treat yourself to a massage.
  5. Pick a hobby and stick to it for a month.
  6. Eat a match soft serve ice cream.
  7. Go visit a festival with friends and eat something yummy and play a game.
  8. Drink lots of water in your favorite water bottle.
  9. Wear comfortable shoes that make you smile.
  10. Drink tea in your favorite tea and curl up reading your favorite book.

I hope you find happiness. May your smile be contagious and feed the happiness to others.

Thank you for reading. Cheers! Stay tuned for my weekly Monday rant about whatever I like, usually my little contemplations on life or whatever comes to mind:)


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