Summer’s dessert: ice cream 

As the summer heat pushes on, we have no choice but to resort to desperate measures. In a world of being on dairy-free diets, mostly vegetarian and being super healthy, most of us feel guilty when eating something yummy and innocent such as ice cream. Well, I am here to tell you that you can have it guilt-free ( unless you have it every single day). I think the little, frozen sweetness is definitely allowed in this smoldering heat. It brings a little calmness and sweet serenity to our troubled life full of routine, deadlines, expectations, limitations and responsibilities. A little ice cream can go a long way to brightening up your life. So live it!

Ready to go on my ice cream tour?

Little ice cream sandwich shop on Main and 33: I would recommend their lil ice cream sandwich or a flight to try different flavours. Coconut lime is my fave.

I think it makes me think of my childhood ice cream sandwiches. And it has a great back patio and awesome tables in the front as well!

Or do you feel like some soft-serve ice cream? Why not spice things up with a matcha soft serve and eat the deliciousness? I love this one at the Japanese grocery store on Robson.

If you can’t decide, then I would recommend their matcha red bean blend. You can have it in a regular cone, waffle cone or a cup. It is so hard to have so many choices in life sometimes. Why can’t I just have only one thing on the menu? haha.

Come visit the most popular ice cream place in Vancouver at Rain or Shine. There are two locations- Cambie St and Kits on 4th St. I love their chocolate, london fog, salted hazelnut and coconut flavours. Don’t forget Earnest ice cream. They are quite nice rivals. It can be nice to taste test the two different parlours.

When you are ready to come back to the city, why not go to Gastown and visit the cobblestone corner of Vancouver that hosts expensive furniture stores, overpriced pubs and adorable up-and-coming eateries? I highly recommend Soft Peaks. They are all vanilla soft-serve ice cream sprinkled with different flavours. I love the berries and the matcha flavours. The honeycomb original flavour is the most popular, but it is not so easy to eat that giant chunk of honeycomb.

Well, let’s venture over to North Vancouver and head to Deep Cove for a hike up Quarry Rock. I love walking around the shore and even getting together with friends for a mini BBQ. The best is to try their popular gelato. I really love their coconut flavour.

Now end your day with some matcha ice cream after your meal and have the last thing you taste before you sleep something sweet and delicious. I like to keep some in the freezer for some hard days. A spoonful of matcha ice cream makes it all better.

Hope you can enjoy your favorite ice cream- be it licorice, vanilla or bubblegum- this summer! Have a beautiful season!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for next week’s take on my favorite new food!



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