Deep Cove, the beautiful gem 

The summer is full of the best things in life. The sunshine, breeze, the perfect sound of the ebbing waves, the bikinis, the perfect bodies, the hot sandy beaches, surfing, ceviche, hiking and sunglasses. It’s an awesome time. Don’t forget to take at least a day off to go and explore your area and soak up the summer. Don’t forget your sunscreen. 

Take a stroll through the beautiful hidden gem of North Vancouver: Deep Cove. If you go to the end of Mount Seymour Parkway westwards, then you’ll reach a little, quaint village of beautiful seaside cabins, trails, giant park and beautiful beach. Visit the little shops and try their gelato.

Take a little stroll along the water and join in on the BBQ picnics or tai chi. Don’t forget to watch the sun set on the water. 

I try to go stand-up paddle boarding there once a year. It’s become somewhat of a tradition. Easy enough, but requires a little bit of effort. Watch the seals swim after you and go discover the pirate cabin nearby that is surrounded by the most colourful starfish you’ve ever seen.

Come prepared to do the infamous Quarry Rock hike. It takes 30-45 minutes each way and you should pack a light lunch to enjoy at the top with friends. The view is spectacular. 

So next time you think of a place to take friends or want to go somewhere to relax, come over to Deep Cove for a little escape from town and venture on the little trails around this adorable gem. 

Enjoy Vancouver this summer!



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