Avocado toast 

Oh the famous avocado toast. It has been reverred as the hipster food, the snack to have on a scene and the food that highlights some Vancouver millennials’ lifestyle leading to our houseless plight. 

What’s so special about it? Do we succumb to the mashed melt-in-your-mouth silkiness and cozy texture? Do we scavenge the aisles of Whole Foods looking for that perfectly ripe organic avocado costing 6.99$? Do we imagine all sorts of fun things to add to it like quinoa, pine nuts, cumin, cheese, eggs, beers and carrots? Yes to all of the above. Who can resist the delicious creation in the above photo? You can? If so, kudos on your amazing self control! Please email me to inspire me so.

Now you can have this avocado toast at many places. This is at Heirloom. I’m not vegetarian, but I aim to make my meals 85% vegetarian and slowly working to becoming healthier. You can also make this at home easily for only 2$ with half an avocado, artisan bread, pine nuts and spice, few shaves of beet and a half cooked egg as per your liking. 

As for Heirloom: I would recommend their brunch which looks amazing and their mushroom penne. It is divine! It is quite pricey, but do come to treat yourself.

Let’s go back to discuss how we were once laughed at by an Australian journalist indicating we can’t buy houses because we eat avocado toast. Okay, so if I only order 10$ for my meal, then I would be saving a lot. If I’m eating this everyday as breakfast or an appetizer, then yes it might dampen my plans to own a home. However, does he realize that most ones are 1.3-2M$ plus you need to renovate the life out of that run-down house on top of it. Add on a wedding, car, student loans, utilities, etc. then it is almost impossible for any young 20s-30s to buy on their own. So some have given up th dream of a house in Vancouver and instead rent a basement suite next to a cemetery that is frequented by coyotes and black cats, go enjoy the occasional sushi dinner or brunch out, a side trip with a work meeting and a nice pair of shoes now and then. We are just trying to survive? No, we prefer enjoying our lives without being imprisonned by a mortgage, loans and a stressful life.

And so I leave you be. I am going to go get my weekly avocado toast now, anyone want to join?;)

My weekly food reviews have become inconsistent and so I promise to release 3-4 a month;)


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