Drifting along the waters 

I never realized how awesome it was to take a boat ride to see a city or how calming and humbling it would be. I was recently on a little boat ride with friends and it was one of the most awesome experiences in my life. Imagine yourself in the middle of the blue waters, the beautiful sound of the ocean and nature surrounding you, family and friends enjoying the sunshine with you and the most beautiful 360 degree panoramic view of Vancouver. I highly recommend this for everyone! 

This giant ship just reminds us of how small we are in the world and how there are so many incredible things yet to be discovered in this world.

You can spend an afternoon exploring the False Creek with a friend or partner and paddle through the waters and see the sights as being in the middle of it all.

The Science World sphere never looked so magical as seeing it from the water. It was just so sensational and truly relaxing to be in the middle of the water, the ebbing waves and laughter all around. The sunlight sparkles along the water and everything seemed more beautiful. Just so serene and lovely. 

If you think you have seen Vancouver well, then you have to make sure you see it from the middle of the ocean. Go sailing or boating and your perspective of your favorite city will change. The city skyline is so beautiful. 

Life passes by us so fast in the city. I really loved going on my friends’ boat because it was such a tender reminder that life is so much more than our careers, worries and frustrations. It is possible to stop and look at the sea, sky and land all at the same time and be in awe that we are alive and enjoy the moment we live in and be thankful for everything. I’m grateful for such a memorable experience.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the summer!



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