Why Netflix is my friend 

1. I start creating a picnic on my living room table to eat a feast while searching for the new show to watch.

2. I can’t eat till Netflix is ready with the show I want to watch.

3. It talks to me- it asks me if I want to continue to watch it. Only a good friend would be so considerate. 

4. It suggests things to watch because it knows my preference, life a friend.

5. It doesn’t mind my endless commentary. It likes to let me talk and it listens.

6. I feel like there are people living with me when it’s on even if I’m washing the dishes or cleaning my place.

7. I can explore the world and fill my brain with knowledge just like when I listen to my friends’ stories.

8. I love watching food shows and cooking similar food to eat it at the same time.

9. I can re-watch the same show and feel happy and no one would complain. Netflix likes me rewatching stuff.

10. It’s always there. It’s never late. It doesn’t mind me being late. Perfect.

What do you love about Netflix?

Sorry for not posting regularly. I will be posting whenever the inspiration comes to me. Thank you so much for  reading! Thanks!

Cheers! Stay hydrated and protected while our beautiful city is being covered with the ashes of our wildlfires.


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