IMG_6111Love life. Pamper yourself. Smile always.

Hi everyone! I am so happy that you took the time in your beautiful day to read my blog. You know when you go on in life and you wake up one Sunday morning and wondering what are you doing with your life or if this is all life has to offer to you? Well, I think I reached that point and maybe you have. And now, I have been able to re-discover my love for writing and reading. I love sharing my thoughts and being able to bring a smile to my friends and anyone whom I can capture.

I love travelling to foreign places and discover the little gems, the family run restaurants and little beautiful alleyways with vines leaping on the brick walls and beautiful old bikes parked on the side.

I love photography because it allows me to capture the moments we miss and take for granted. I love how it brings joy to someone’s life and lights up my family and friends’ face.

I love DIY and homemade stuff because like anyone else it brings me a sense of accomplishment and the funny looking slightly burnt cookies was made by all me… 😀

I love gifts and giving gifts because it is like giving a piece of my love, care, kindness and good wishing to my friend.

So I have worked from a new motto in life: Love life. Pamper yourself. Smile always.

I want to share with you how I have discovered a happier, more fullfilling and beautiful life that I smile for every single day.